navTS User Guide




navTS  is functionally structured as follows:
  • Core module
  • Configuration module
  • Navigation module
  • Users module 

The Core module  is the application platform. This module is just the application infrastructure, providing for basic configuration, such as printer, company logo etc.

The Configuration module  is a support module for the configuration of other modules.

The Navigation module provides the following:

  • Navigation calculator solving the following navigation/geodetic problems: 
    • polar (direct) problem
    • join (inverse) problem
    • lines intersection point
    • cross-track distance
    • collinearity
    • points search
  • Significant points database management
  • Significant points HTML export according to AIP Document format "ENR 4.3 NAME-CODE DESIGNATORS FOR SIGNIFICANT POINTS"
  • Significant points import tool
  • Navigation aids database management (VOR, DME, VOR-DME, NDB)
  • Navigation aids HTML export according to AIP Document format "ENR 4.1 RADIO NAVIGATION AIDS - EN-ROUTE"
  • Navigation aids import tool
  • Routes and route points database management
  • Routes HTML export according to AIP Document format "ENR 3. ATS ROUTES" for both domestic and international routes
  • Module units and formats parameters configuration

The Users module  ensures the following:

  • Users management
  • Access privileges management for each module.


navTS  was designed for a high usability and ergonomics. The user can use the mouse or the keyboard for any operation.

The ergonomics features were implemented uniformly, thus reducing the learning curve for the application.


Considering the importance of the managed data, the application has audit mechanism in place, recording the full history of each record together with the date, time and the name of the user who performed any change. Critical data is never actually deleted from the database. Instead of being deleted, critical data is invalidated, allowing for a later recovery.

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